How Much is Too Much and How Much is Not Enough?

The problem I always have with my writing something like these blog posts is determining how much to share in them. As of this writing I have multiple drafts that are pretty much ready to go. They need editing and I need to proofread them, but that is where I always get stuck. Not in the grammar or the spelling and not on making sure there is enough there for it to be a worthwhile post, but in how much of myself to dump out onto the internet.

Some things are fairly safe topics. Past blogs have been about political theory, specific strategies for action, things along those lines. But this blog is about me. It is about my personal journey through life. The longer it takes for me to post something the closer the post is to the heart of who I am and that is uncomfortable territory for me.

A big part of who I am is the people I have been around in my life and the experiences that being around them had brought me. But how much of other people’s story is it really ok to tell to the world?

Also there is the defensive technique of remaining anonymous online which is an important component. I have already had real life run-ins with people who took offense to things I have posted in the past. Physical altercations and a gun in my face.  Both things I don’t relish but for sure don’t want to subject others too.

So I find myself questioning what I have written and whether our not I should post.

Our maybe it is all just an excuse for procrastination.